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Nana and Piaisms

March 30, 2009

Just some funnies I wanted to share.

Nana and I were having a very serious talk the other night about appropriate touching. She refers to her vagina as her “china”. I told her that only mommy, daddy and dr’s can touch her vagina, and if anyone else does, she is to tell them NO and come and tell us.

She’s very sober during this conversation, letting it all sink in.

Then, very seriously she asks, “mama, who is allowed to touch YOUR china?”.

I’m usually a quick wit, but had nothing for this one. Absolutely nothing!

Nana’s 4th birthday was on the 21st. A few days prior, we were watching TV together and a commercial for a Tinkerbell house came on. She’s just getting into the “I want that!” phase. She promptly declared that she wanted it. I told her we could absolutely get it, if she picked out two toys to give to children that didn’t have any. She thought about it for a minute, and the bargaining started.

N: “How about two small ponies?”
M: “Nope, we need to do the bigger toys, because this is a pretty big toy, that comes with lots of neat stuff!”
N: “How about just ONE big toy?”
M: “Well, we really need to do two honey, that way some little girl out there with no toys will get TWO and be sooo happy”
N: *doing toy inventory in her head* – “That’s ok mama, I think I just won’t get it”

Jaw drops.

I still can’t believe she didn’t go for it. I told my mom this story, and Nana got the Tinkerbell house for her birthday. Foiled again by grandma!

Friday night, I was prepping for my shower, buck naked, brushing my teeth. Pia comes barging in the bathroom and starts staring at my nether regions. Intently. Like, I feel a little violated. Then she declares, “EWWWWWWWWWWW, you grrrrrroooooooossssssssss mama!”. Nice. Real nice.

Last night, we were watching a re-run of the Kids Choice Awards. They mention the Jonas Brothers, and Nana gets SO excited. I had NO idea she even knew who they were. She usually just watches movies, not much TV at all (doesn’t sound like it in this post though, haha!). I say, “do you even know what the Jonas Brothers do honey?”, to which she promptly replied (more than a little exasperated), “Yes MOM, they ROCK!!”. Indeed they do honey.

During dinner recently, Nana declared the food to be leccable. Took me a minute. She was trying to say delectable. Where she got that, I’ll never know.

She told me this morning, “Mama, you’re really good at cooking things”. If I succeed in nothing else in life, I’m good at cooking things. *laughsoblaugh*

I’d love to bottle their innocence right now. Everything is so black and white and literal at both of their ages, it’s something I wish I’d never forget. It’s refreshing and funny, and I love it.

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  1. March 30, 2009 3:38 pm

    These are all hilarious, seriously. Out of the mouth of babes and all. I especially love the question about “china”.

  2. March 30, 2009 5:31 pm

    Very cute!

  3. Krupa permalink
    March 31, 2009 8:47 pm

    I love telling people about this angelic looking blond baby running around with a chainsaw yelling “I want to cut EVERYBODY!”

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