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Well hello!

December 3, 2008

Yes, I know, I’m awful. I keep meaning to write and visit my bloggy friends, but can’t find the time! I’m so sorry, and I’ll be completely surprised if anyone is still around to read this.

Our Thanksgiving was great! Went to my parents and just hung out. Unfortunately, the girls and I caught some nasty stuff. Just as I was feeling better, the girls got it. Nana is mostly fine, low grade fever for 36ish hours, and some snot. Pia was much worse. No more fever now, but a nasty cough. So, I’ve been dealing with that, the holidays in general and the new site.

We finally exported and have articles and other fun stuff. Bad news? Our hosting company has dumped us. Sucks hard core, because we put a lot of work into the switch, but there isn’t much we can do at this point. So, more work, and some stress. Other than that, we’re still going strong!

Pia’s language exploded, literally over night. I admit I was getting a bit concerned (though I was trying to talk myself out of that) and she just started speaking in nearly full sentences! She’s 18 months old now, and this is such an amazing age! I’m loving it, completely.

Nana is Nana. Sassy and bright. Though some days I swear she’s trying to kill me.

Here are two quick stories, that just happened:

This AM, they were both icky, so I decide to give them medicine. Triaminic for Pia, Benadryl for Nana. Nana takes the tablets, so I give her one while I’m measuring out Pia’s meds. I turn around, hand the cup to Pia and notice she’s chewing. Nana gave her some of her medicine! I have no idea how much and luckily I got the cup away from Pia before she could take any. Nana NEVER shares – anything! Now this. I freaked out, thinking I almost overdosed my kid.

I asked her why she gave some to her sister, she said, “because I love her!”. Sweet misguided little thing.

Last night:

had a roll of toilet paper out so she can blow her nose. It was on the couch, I was in her room, getting stuff ready for bed time. She ran in with it and this was the convo:

N: Mama, you dropped this!
M: No, I didn’t hon, I left it on the couch.
N: No, you dropped it! You really need it mama, for you butt!
M: Everyone needs it for their butt honey.
N: You REALLY need it, because your butt is BIG!
M: That’s not a kind thing to say babe.
N: Your butt is really big, because you eat too much!

At this point, I actually have little tears so Husband steps in. It was funny and a little hurtful at the same time. She got a talking to about being a kind person. But man, I didn’t realize my ass was so wide. It’s ok if you laugh. I did.

But, now I’m pondering how she made the connection between your body and what you eat? We don’t focus on appearances here, or talk about weight at all, so I’m a bit lost.

We’re hosting Christmas here this year, which I’m thrilled about!

On the 13th, McHusband and I are going to the Parenting Beyond Belief seminar. I’m so looking forward to it! McHusband isn’t, but he’ll deal. It’s 4 hours long, and in my parents city. There are several of my heathen friends attending, that I’ve not met in person before, so I’m beyond excited! Should be very interesting. I’ll try and update.

My plan for this afternoon, during nap is to try to catch up with my blog friends, if you guys will still have me.

Smooches to all who read this! Miss you guys!

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  1. December 4, 2008 7:24 pm

    Jen, it sounds like crazy normal and you sound like you’re really doing great, which is such good news. The girls are delightful and of course we’ll always have you when you have time!

  2. Krupa permalink
    December 4, 2008 9:52 pm

    John and I are going to the conference too… so we’ll be better parents to AJ and Kirby ha!

    See you there!

  3. December 7, 2008 2:58 pm

    Sounds like absolute craziness. I’m in the same boat and have been a terrible blogger!

    Glad you caught the pill exchange. Figures generosity would kick in just then. And the buns story is too funny. I wish I knew where my kids picked things up. At times I suspect a little elf is whispering in my daughter’s ear. She comes up with some crazy stuff.

    Why did your host company drop you? Did you have too much traffic for their server?

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