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Let’s talk Bush

September 11, 2008

This is something I struggle with and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

You can’t talk about Bush without hearing criticism or bad jokes about him.

On one hand, he’s our President, whom we elected, so shouldn’t he therefore get respect?

On the other hand, he’s made some poor decisions and as Americans, don’t we have a right to discuss our dissatisfaction with him?

I just don’t know. McHusband hates when people talk poorly of him, though he’s not a fan.

What do you think? Should being President mean you’re granted the respect or do you have to keep earning it?

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  1. September 11, 2008 12:08 pm

    Sure he’s made some bad decisions, but we also have to remember that a lot of those decisions had the backing of many in congress and the senate. He’s a figure head and when things go wrong or right it is all laid on him. Personally I like him, I can appreciate someone who lays it all on the line and doesn’t take no for an answer when they see things that need to be done. I think there are a lot of people who think this or he wouldn’t have been elected back for his second term.

  2. September 11, 2008 12:16 pm

    I personally think all people deserve some level of respect, but not based upon the job they have. He is a human being, and therefore he has worth and dignity to be respected. I disagree strongly with many of his positions, and I do not respect the job he has done in this highest office. As a matter of fact, it makes me angry. So I guess, for me the answer to your question makes me ask what you mean by “respect.” Does that mean being little glassy eyed zealots that treat him like royalty? Or does that mean we use our language carefully and discuss his acts, rather than his person? Respecting a person, to me, has little to do with agreeing with them.

  3. September 11, 2008 12:38 pm

    We have every right to discuss our dissatisfaction with the Bush administration. HOWEVER, I think there’s a big difference between respect and out-and-out bashing. I’m not a fan, but I do think that the incredible disrespect and disregard with which we treat the office of the presidency speaks very poorly of our culture. I always think it’s OK to discuss and debate policy and political ideology. I don’t think it’s OK to run elected officials into the ground with personal attacks, like calling our president moronic or stupid, etc. I also truly believe that the tone we use to discuss politics, the venom we spew at officials, teaches our children to do the same, and encourages a cultural dynamic in which there is little respect or honor for leadership.

  4. September 11, 2008 2:17 pm

    We have every right to disagree with anyone. I think it’s ok to say that we disagree with the president, think he is wrong or don’t like him. I don’t think it’s ok to make fun of him by calling him a stupid redneck or things like that. I think it reflects poorly on our country to make our president the butt of inappropriate jokes, but to say we dislike him or don’t agree with him is not the same thing and to me very acceptable. I think this about all presidents, not just ones that I like đŸ˜‰

  5. September 11, 2008 4:02 pm

    I don’t think it says much for a country who elects its leader when he is being called an idiot and such. I also think Americans who do no more than cast a ballot every couple of years, if that, have little room to complain. Voting is a start, but staying on top of issues, pressing your Senators & Representatives to do their job and being part of a solution to whatever problems our nation faces is critical. The president is only one person. And contrary to what many believe, he is not all powerful. If the House and Senate wanted to clip his wings, they could. It’s easy to be a couch critic.

  6. Jen permalink*
    September 11, 2008 4:38 pm

    I agree with all of you. I absolutely don’t like the jokes and ugly remarks about him.

    Ei, I was meaning showing respect by not making blatant fun of him.

    McHusband hates any and all questions regarding his decisions, and that’s something I don’t understand.

  7. September 12, 2008 8:25 am

    Oh! I do agree! There needs to be respect for people, no matter how you feel about them or whether you agree or disagree with them! We are really lacking respect in our society – or at least I feel like we are!

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