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Found One!

August 30, 2008

A new theme that is. I need to make myself a custom header, it’ll be coming soon I hope!

I hope all my American friends have a fantastic Labor Day weekend! We have no plans, as McHusband is doing a side job tomorrow.

My Dad and Sisters birthday is Monday, so that’s exciting. And my FIL’s birthday is Wednesday. Lots of humping going on on January, as my birthday is September 16th.

I’m so anxious for fall to get here! I’m one of those Christmas nut jobs that loves all things holiday related. Ironic that I’m an atheist, right?

I’ve been a bit MIA, in large part due to a headache that just won’t subsibe. I have Chiari Malformation, and it’s acting up lately. Hopefully it can hold until we get insurance on October 1st, and maybe explore a new medication (not looking forward to that!).

Anyway, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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  1. jordan permalink
    August 30, 2008 2:01 am

    Looks great!

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