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Some days

June 25, 2008

I wish I still believed in spanking.

Today, Nana starts screaming (not crying, screaming) out of the blue. I rush into her room, expecting to see blood and bone. Instead, I see that she has managed to spill all of her books from her bookshelf onto the floor. I ask her to calm down, see if she’s hurt. She’s not, so I ask her to please pick up the books.

“No, I won’t pick them up”.

Now, had she said, “mama, I need help please”, I gladly would have helped her. Instead, I get sass.

I ask her again to pick them up.

“NO – I won’t do it! NO NO NO NO”

At this point, I’m frustrated. But, I remain calm. I tell her to pick up her books, or we will have to throw all her princesses (very extensive, prized collection) in the trash. I’m thinking at this point I’m brilliant and am giving myself invisible pats on the mommy back.

“Ok, let’s throw them away!” – said with more than a little glee. Sadistic little shit.

Fine. I have to follow through at this point, or else everything up to this has been pointless. I’m rarely pointless.

So, I make her gather all her princesses, put them into a grocery sack (all the while trying to explain that the finality of this, to no avail). We say goodbye and dramatically put them in the trash.

I can’t believe it went this far. I expected total meltdown well before this.

15 minutes later, she asks, “Ariel is in the trash?”.

Ahhh success!! Lesson learned and now we can move on.

Or not.

“Yep, Ariel is in the trash, along with all your other princesses because you wouldn’t pick up your books” says mommy.

“Good job mama! You’re such a big helper!”.

This parenting thing just gets harder/more interesting by the minute.

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  1. Jen permalink
    June 25, 2008 7:09 pm

    I HATE it when they out smart you or don’t care about the punishment. I will tell Hayden to pick or he will have to sit on the naughty chair and he says to me, “Picking up is boring. I don’t like to. I will sit on the naughty chair.” What? When did the naughty chair become fun? Oh well, what are you going to do.
    Thanks for visiting us. Come again and I will do the same. By the way, great first name 🙂

  2. THE Stephanie permalink
    June 25, 2008 7:34 pm

    You’ve got to be kidding!!! I’m speechless.

  3. Kim permalink
    June 25, 2008 8:02 pm

    Silly Nana. LOL, Brit does this to me too. I go through with putting the toys in a garbage bag, and pretend to take them out. I get my point across, but she couldn’t care less. Sassy girls!

  4. Sara Rose Tutus permalink
    June 25, 2008 8:19 pm

    Oh my gosh. I spit out my water laughing. She is a piece of work.

  5. Amy permalink
    June 25, 2008 8:40 pm

    Kids! My question is, will she get the princesses back? I have to be very careful what I threaten because I am awful with follow through! Oh yeah, who picked up the books?

  6. Jennifer permalink
    June 25, 2008 8:42 pm

    Books are still on the floor. She’ll get the princesses back – when she picks them up!

    Daddy will probably cave though and help her.

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