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Some Random Thoughts

June 20, 2008

Yesterday I ran to the grocery store. I needed diapers and milk. I walked out with:

Mint Oreos (currently munching)
Chocolate Chip/White Fudge Cookies
Maple frosted cinnamon rolls
Frozen Pizza

Healthy – not! I can’t even blame AF, as she’s on her way out. Apparently I have a huge sweet tooth right now.

Networking is exhausting. I’m trying so hard to get my site, and both my blogs out there – it takes WORK. A lot of work. But, I’ve met so many awesome people in the process.

My sister, Jamie, is taking a certification test tomorrow, wish her luck!

Windows Vista irritates the crap out of me.

Nana is very, very whiny today.

McHusband has to work tomorrow 😦

Pia’s diaper rash is looking better 🙂

I’m addicted to sites like sitemeter, livefeed, etc – pretty much anything that tells me who is coming and where they are coming from. I swear it’s becoming an unhealthy obsession.

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  1. Sara Rose Tutus permalink
    June 24, 2008 8:02 pm

    LOL. I am obsessed with Sitemeter. Obsessed.

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