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This week

June 19, 2008

Has really sucked.

Monday – Pia wakes up earlier than usual. Mom gets her and realizes she has a fever. Pia throws up throughout the day, and is just miserable. Mom is feeling bad for punky (and herself), is hot (high of 100), smelling like puke and all around unhappy. Nana is sassy.

Tuesday – Pia sleeps like crap the night before, so everyone is tired. No more throw up or fever, but lots of screaming (SCREAMING). Mom tries to push fluids (Pia won’t eat) and even gives a popsicle. No dice. Mom puts the popsicle on a towel, where it melts for her to later sit in. Mom takes Pia to the Urgent Care Clinic, where she is throughly freaked out by the Dr. There is no receptionist, no one in the waiting room. Just Dr. Doom. He’s completely weird and has the worst bed-side manner ever. He gives Mom crap for not vaccinating, and tells her to “make sure the kids stay away from each other” (do you NOT know kids??). Then Dr. asks Mom what type of antibiotic Pia can take because she’s allergic to Penicillin (who here went to medical school??). Mom is completely relieved to get out of the office. Pia’s poor throat is incredibly swollen and covered in white spots. No strep. When Daddy gets home she locks herself in their bedroom because she simply can’t take one.more.second. of screaming.

Wednesday – Pia sleeps decently the night before, and the day starts out pretty well. Then nap time comes and Pia only rests for 20 minutes. That means she’s once again a tumor in Moms arms. When Mom attempts to clean, it’s a disaster. So, Mom cleans Nana’s room with a Pia stuck to her. While cleaning the room, Nana “discovers” old toys that she hasn’t played with in DAYS and is absolutely no help. Pia proceeds to whine the entire rest of the day. The antibiotics have given her the runs and she has an awful diaper rash on her poor bum. Mom feels bad for her, but is entirely ready to pack up and head to Mexico (ALONE). Dad works until 6:30 and Mom is in tears by the time he finally gets home.

Thursday – It’s 10:16 and Pia’s still asleep. Mom is begging for a good day, no more rash and no more whines.

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  1. Karly permalink
    June 19, 2008 6:55 pm

    (((hugs))) Mama! Hoping Pia is feeling better and you are having a better day.

  2. Amy permalink
    June 20, 2008 1:17 am

    A big hug, we have five children, when sickness ‘goes around’ it is no fun! Hope everyone is feeling better!

  3. RuthMcC permalink
    June 21, 2008 6:20 pm

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