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Ahhh Politics

June 8, 2008

Just a bit of a vent here.

Ok, Obama is now the dem nomination – WOOT. I’m beyond thrilled about this and what it could mean for our country. I don’t follow party lines, I vote for who I feel will do the best job.

Now my vent is directed at all the people that supported Hillary, but are now saying they will vote for McCain.

Are you a moron?

Let me guess, you’ve been bitching about Bush for the last several years, right? So you want McCain why? McCain has voted with Bush something like 80% of the time (and over 90% in 2007) – so you really want McCain?? You want to stay in Iraq? With no plans for withdraw? You want our men and women to continue to die for OIL? Not very patriotic. Our economy is in the shithole, and you want it to stay that way? The thing is, I want to like McCain – I do like him, but he’s not the right president for our country right now. 4-8 years ago he might have been.

If it’s just a matter of not liking Obama – fine – DON’T VOTE. But to align yourself with someone that is polar opposite of your original candidate out of anger is spiteful, immature, asinine. and just plain stupid. We’re talking about the future of this country here – this isn’t the prom – so leave the high school bullshit out of it. And, if he does manage to get elected, and you’ve voted for him, do us all a favor and refrain from bitching about him – you did this, you have no right to complain anymore.

Another note is that I absolutely don’t agree with Obama’s stance on everything. I don’t worship him, or follow him blindly. I am inspired by him, and impressed by him. But not the way he speaks, the way he IS. Should he be elected, he will screw up, he will fall – who doesn’t?

And, as far as him being the anti-christ, or bringing on the end days – all I can say is *sigh*.

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  1. June 8, 2008 7:36 pm

    I’m rather entertained by the whole thing actually. I mean if he WERE the anti-christ, um shouldn’t Christians be excited their time is coming. And um, why is it the many WHITE extremely charismatic political leaders were never accused of being the AC? JFK for instance? And do you really think the AC would be a smoker? Really? Humm…

    What I don’t get about the Hillary people is, hum…well…SHE’S supporting him, right? She didn’t come out saying “Hey, thanks for your support, but since I can’t be the democratic candidate you are really better off voting for the other team…they are much closer to fulfilling my vision.

    (rolling my eyes with you)

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