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Nanaisms again!

June 4, 2008

Tonight, we were doing the clean-up-before-bed routine, and Abel was “helping” Nana by pointing out what to pick up next. She got all flustered and said “chillax dada” with her chubby little hand held up. She’s totally gets that from me.

This kid thinks she’s Pia’s mom too. When Pia starts to throw a fit, she’s always patting her back saying, “it’s ok honey! Don’t cry”. Such a mommy.

Unfortunately, I’m no longer Mommy or Mama – I’m MOM already. **sob** And, when she can’t get Abel’s attention, he’s ABEL!

We took a family trip to Sea World yesterday, and we were getting ready to leave for the day and she informed us, “we are NOT going home!”. Yeah, we left!

We’re deep into the “why” phase currently. EVERYTHING is met with a why? Drives me bat-shit-crazy.

The other day, I was making lunch, and she informed me she wanted Mac and Cheese. I went to get the Easy Mac down, and she said, “no, not that one, the big and strong one” – I have NO idea what the big and strong one is…… I start pulling out the kind you make on the stove and add butter and milk, nope – not that one. I pull out the fancy kind and she says YES! Nice.

More mac and cheese fun! Today, at the grocery store I picked up a few more boxes of the big and strong mac and cheese, she saw it and said, “yay! high five mom!”. The kid is all about that stuff!

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