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RAK Tuesday

May 20, 2008

I’ve decided to do a weekly blog for random acts of kindness. Just a reminder to be kind, gentle and treat others with respect. I’m going to post a goal, and if you do it, I want to hear about it! The best one I’ll feature at the end of the week, so everyone can see how great you are!

This weeks goal is:

Road Rage tone down!

I admit, I suffer from Road Rage. I flip people off, curse them under my breath. I get PISSED! So, I’m asking myself (and you) to be gentle with people. Don’t use that horn, don’t use that finger and don’t cuss anyone out (out loud or in your head). Be kind. Let that person over, give them a wave and a smile if they cut you off. Try to consider maybe they had a really bad day, or just got some bad news. They could very well just be a jerk, but maybe if enough people are kind to them on the road, they’ll do some inner soul searching and be kind in turn. It’s better for you internally to not get angry.

Go forth and be kind!

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