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Do you ever feel?

March 9, 2008

Since you’ve become a mom, that you just can’t breathe?

I do.

Like I’m so over-burdened with things that the air is just sucked out of me. That the word mommy deflates my lungs.

And then there are times that I can’t breathe, because my children simply take my breath away. Their perfection, innocence, beauty can bring me to my knees.

So much of me has changed since I’ve become a parent. Priorities have shifted, I’m less selfish, I love more, I’m more patient, more tired, more everything.

But, not all of it is good, or healthy.

The biggest challenge I’m faced with is finding balance. Finding time to be me, and Abel’s wife. It’s a constant learning process, and I’m not doing very well with it right now. The moments of breathlessness tend to be more stifling right now than not.

I’m struggling to be me again. Hopefully I’ll find Jen soon.

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