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My yesterday

March 6, 2008

Started out innocent enough.

Nana woke up at 7:15. I was still sooo tired, so I just brought her to bed with me, turned on Dora and dozed. Around 7:30, she said she had to pee. She got up, and a few seconds later, I hearing screaming. I jump up and run, to find her standing outside the bathroom door in a puddle of piss. Apparently the bathroom door was shut, so instead of telling me, she just went.

So her screaming wakes up Pia. I start my morning in a puddle of piss.

I get her cleaned up, and get Pia fed and changed. I decided to run and pick up breakfast for us.

We go to Jack in the Box, and pulling out into traffic, I almost hit someone. Totally my fault – I slammed on the brakes and breakfast goes flying, literally. So I drop an F bomb, to which Nana replies, “mama, you don’t talk like that, that’s ugly!”

Nothing like getting told off by your almost three year old.

So the rest of the morning passes with no incidents. Pia takes a good nap. When she wakes up, Nana immediately starts in with her – won’t leave her alone. I give her two warnings, and she pushes her, so I send her to her room. She is PISSED and her door is halfway shut. She pushes the door so hard that she actually makes a hole in the wall. Such anger!

I head to the mall with them, hoping to distract them. We are in the food court and Nana sees the rides. I agree to let her ride one. There are 3 steps down to the area, no prob getting down with the stroller. On the way back up however, is a problem. We get up two steps and the stroller starts to tip, sending our drinks flying. Luckily some nice older gentleman comes to my rescue!

We get home, and I start dinner. Pia’s pretty whiny, but she’s tired and at this point it’s too late for her to take a nap. Dinner gets made, and the girls sit down to eat. Mid-way through the meal, Nana has to pee. *she does this on her own, I only help if she needs me* Well once again, we are in a piss puddle. Not sure what happened, the door was open. My guess was that she held it too long and couldn’t get her pants down. So off I go to clean up piss again.

McHusband worked until 11 last night, so it was all me for bath/bedtime. Poor guy gets home, showers, eats, and goes to sleep only to wake up again at 4:30 to go back to work.

Needless to say, yesterday sucked. Hoping today is better.

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  1. Jodi permalink
    March 7, 2008 12:13 am

    oh, babe, we all have does that sometime.

    Want to come potty train Michael?

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