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February 1, 2008

Just a few funnies that I wanted to share.

The other day, we were sitting at the table eating lunch. Nana finished hers, and asked for some of mine. I shared, and said, “I have some piggies!”. She then said, “I NOT A PIG!!!!!! I A COW!!!”

Um, sorry?

Yesterday, we were at my sisters house. She was playing with Jamie’s large dog and he was play biting her. She yelled, “don’t eat me!!!” I seriously cried I was laughing so hard.

The other day, I got on her for something, and she told me, “it’s ok mama, I still love you.”

Ima kick your ass. This is a fav.


I was eating, and she walked up to me and said, “what are you eating mama?”. I answered, “Oatmeal”. She then said, “I don’t want some, thanks!”. Sure thing kid, I wasn’t offering anyway!

We went to the grocery store the other night, and she was saying, “hey guys, wharu doin?” to just about everyone in the store.

When she wants something out of me (cookies, chips, etc) she’ll give something to her sister and then tell me, “look mama, I sharing!”.

She stands across a room from me, and reachs out her hand, then screams, “oh no mama, I can’t reach you! You’re too high.” Ummm, it’s far hon – not high.

Abel has been sleeping in the living room for so long, that now it’s “dada’s room” and I’m not allowed in there anymore. “Mama’s room” is our bedroom, yet she’s allowed in there all the time.
She has an overactive imagination. She’s always an effalant, or babbit, ion, goggy. Sometimes she’s mama, then I’m sister and Pia is Nana. When she’s “mama”, she walks around with her hands on her hips, wagging her finger at us and makes me feel like an ass all around. I NEVER (or rarely) have my hands on my hips.

She asks everyday where dada is. I say he’s at work, and then she tells me “dada needs to make mona”. Yep, he sure does!

When we go anywhere, she must have on her bracelet, necklace and her purse. She’s SUCH a girl, but her favorite thing to do is fart on people. When she farts, she says, “I have a mona (monster) in my butt!”. This is my fault. I thought if I told her farts were a monster in her butt, it would prevent her from thinking it was quite so funny. But, in the end it only served to make her nastier, and others not be able to understand her even more.

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