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Random mommy thoughts

October 31, 2007

Natural Childbirth:
If this is your thing, great.

It’s not for me, at all. I’ll never understand why woman do it. Why feel pain? Why?????

Anyway – what I don’t understand about most women who chose NCB is the way they try to “recruit” other people to their way of thinking. I’ve never tried to convince anyone to have a C-Section. I’ve never heard of a mom that chose an epidural trying to talk someone into getting one.

Mommy Guilt:
Can be all consuming if you let it.

Mommies across the world are second guessing themselves on everything. They are berating themselves on each and every decison. If they need time away from their kids – they feel bad. If they punish their kids, they feel bad. It’s a vicious cycle. It needs to stop.

I’m guilty of this as well. I think I know why we do this. Being a mother is THE most important job in the world. We are completely responsible for these people, helping to shape them into good, moral people. It’s a big job. But, if we try our best, we need to stop feeling the guilt. It’s not a good way to live.

My way or the highway:
This is my biggest mommy pet peeve.

Why on earth does anyone feel the need to belittle someone else because their choice is DIFFERENT? Outside of abuse, (and breastfeeding – hee hee) I don’t understand why anyone gives a shit what happens in another house.

I chose to occasionally spank. Spanking is often referred to as abuse. I don’t feel like it’s even in the same state as abuse.

I chose to delay and selectively vaccinate my kids. I get questioned on my decision all the time. I wonder for those moms who DO vaccinate on time – how much research have YOU done? I get treated like my kids are going to start the next polio outbreak.

I won’t tell you what I do with my kids unless you ask me (or I post about it here!). I don’t feel the need to justify my decisions. I try to be respectful of people that do things differently than me. I just ask for the same respect.

Why can’t people just do their thing and shut up about it? It’s like moms have to constantly prove that their way is the best way, regardless of how that may make another mom feel.

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