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The Mark of a Parent

October 9, 2007

I only now fully realize just how much of my was shaped by my parents, and in turn just how I’m shaping my daughters.

My parents had such a hand in making me who I am.

Example: My marriage. My parents are madly in love. Still. Almost 30 years later my Dad is always groping her and checking out her ass. It’s cute in a gross way. My point – I waited until I met someone that loved me as much I as my Dad loves my Mom. I wasn’t going to settle for less. And now, because of that, my girls are going to grow up seeing our love and won’t settle for less either.

They gave me so much – strong morals, a sense of right and wrong, respect, the ability to be a good mother, how to stand up for myself, and countless other things.

The reason moms put so much guilt and pressure on ourselves is pretty simple. We’re doing the most important thing in the world. We’re raising kids. Not only in our words, but our actions.

Never underestimate the mark of a parent.

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