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I Did It

March 29, 2007

Those that know me well, know that I’m a huge procrastinator. I always wait until the last possible minute to do anything. I blame my mother. For example: when I was pregnant with Poopy, I didn’t pack a hospital bag until I was having contractions every 6 mintues. Like not having a bag was going to prevent me from going into labor. Another (more recent) example is that I still have yet to change my name to McHusbands last name. Since we got married out of state, I have to send this form in, and I just hadn’t done it. It’s done now, thanks to my sister, who printed the form, wrote the check and mailed it off.

So, if you know me, you’ll be surprised at what I did today. I washed all of bebe’s clothes. Yep, still have 6 weeks to go, and I washed all the little onsies and sleepers we have. We have one pink outfit, and a blue one – so tiny. I know that’s not the same as packing my bag, which I have yet to do – but it’s a step. I’ve also purchased newborn diapers. Oh, and big pads for me. My denial seems to be a bit less than last time around. I also got the swing and bouncy out, washed all washable parts and they are now waiting for a soft, warm baby to spit up or shit on them. It’s almost like I’m a responsible adult. Seesh – how the hell did that happen?

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  1. onfired permalink
    March 30, 2007 11:43 pm

    Jen I wuvvvv you, you crack me up.. So I just began my own blog yesterday. I think I wrote a novel today! Anyway wanna hear something? I never even packed a hospital bag with Bella. My mom had to come home and get some stuff for me. IM always putting shit off!!!

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