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She’s TWO……..and other stuff

March 22, 2007

My “baby” is now officially two. Two was a lot harder for me than one. I guess because when she was one, she was still a baby. Now, not so much. She’s talking, has her own mind, opinions, personality. It’s hard to watch, but I’m so incredibly proud of her. We are throwing her a small party on Saturday. Yesterday, we made cupcakes and I let her decorate them with sprinkles. After dinner we did the candle, Happy Birthday thing. She liked it so much, she made us sing a second time!

She is officially in her “big girl” bed. Has been for a while now. The transition went really well. The first night was a little rough, but it’s been smooth sailing since. She likes to jump on her bed – I’m waiting for the broken bone to come from that. She looks so tiny in that bed – the first night I cried (all by myself).

I’ve decided that I will refer to my husband as McHusband (if you don’t get that, shame on you!). I simply can’t put into words how incredible he is, how lucky I am and just how much I love him.

So, we have less than two months until bebe is here. Time is flying! My heartburn is becoming quite the bitch – keeping me up at night. I hate throwing up in my mouth. I also think that my feet are becoming flat. Perhaps all the pressure? Who knows, it sucks though. Other than the usual pregnancy pains, I have nothing worth complaining about. McHubby swears we’ll start on the nursery this weekend. It’s not so much I want the nursery done (bebe will be with us for a while) – it’s the junk piled around me. I hate it.

I know McHusband says he doesn’t care what sex the baby is, but I think he really wants a boy. I think he’s trying to make Poopy his son. He teaches her awful (yet hilarious) things. She knows how to down, set, hut-hut – then tackle. She loves wrestling with him. Just the other day, he was laying on the floor, watching TV. She walked up to him, grabbed a handful of his hair, shoved her ass in his face and farted. Wonder where she got that? I think I peed myself I laughed so hard.

So, things are quiet here on the homefront. Let’s hope they stay that way a while longer.

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