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Our ER/Ambulance/L&D Adventure

March 2, 2007

Last Monday, I started having cramping in my lower abdomen. It wasn’t bad, and I contributed it to bowel problems. By Wednesday, it had gotten pretty bad. I called my OB and the nurse told me to take some tylenol and lay down.

I did, but the pain was pretty intense. I knew it wasn’t labor, but I also knew something wasn’t right. Abel begged me to go to the ER. I really didn’t want to, but he said please, so off we went.

We had a friend come and get Poopy and we headed to the closest ER. This is a very small hospital, with no L&D, which I knew, but I figured this wasn’t a baby related problem.

They saw me right away, took my BP, said my pulse was high, listened to bebe’s heart-beat and took some urine. We had been there about an hour and we saw the Dr. He told me they were going to take some blood, check my urine, and do an ultrasound and see what they found. He asked what the pain felt like, I told him it came and went, and was pretty intense, like I had to have a bowel movement. They took blood, and we waited. Nothing for the pain yet. I had a pity cry and then got over myself.

Around 9:30, I told Abel to go get Poopy. Shortly after he left, they came to get me for the ultrasound. It took a long time, she was very detailed. At this point, I had been in the ER fro 4 hours with no IV fluids, nothing to drink, and no pain meds. I was miserable. When the ultrasound tech took me back to my room, someone was in there. My nurse told her to put me in the hallway. He explained that they were very busy, and that the Dr. would see me soon. At this point, I knew Abel should be around, so I called him on my cell phone. He told me that they wouldn’t let him and Poopy back there. So, I was sitting in a hallway, in massive amounts of pain, and I was all alone. Not much fun.

I started crying again. I couldn’t help it. I had had enough. The Dr. chose this moment to come see me. First words out of his mouth were, “Why are you crying?”. Ummmmm I’M IN FUCKING PAIN YOU JACKASS! Seriously, did he think I was there for the cocktails? He told me that he needed to review my lab work and asked me to explain my pain again. I did. He told me he’d be back shortly. I got my nurses attention and asked why they wouldn’t let my husband back. He told me he would get him.

The Dr. came back and told me that the test results were fine, and told me that he was calling my OB because he thought I was in labor. I told him that I wasn’t in labor, that it was something else. He told me that my “story” had changed from what I initially told him, and he then asked me why I came to that ER in the first place, and informed me that I had wasted his time and mine. It took all I had not to punch him in the face. Did he think he was psychic declaring I was in labor? Having not checked my cervix, or monitoring me, he can just look at me and diagnose me? What a wanker.

Abel was finally allowed back, and at this point, I was a wreck. I just wanted to go home. I didn’t want to deal with this bullshit anymore. They were making me take a freaking ambulance to the hospital my OB was at. An AMBULANCE!! How silly!

We finally got to the other hospital around midnight. They hooked me up and examined me. The nurse gave me water (6 hours since my last sip of anything). My OB ordered a urine sample, as there was NO MENTION of one on my paperwork from the ER. When we finally got the results of that, they said I had a bad bladder infection. All of the nonsense could have been avoided had the jackass ER read the results of my urine test. My OB gave me pain killers, and a strong antibiotic, and told me to rest for a few days.

We were discharged at 3:30 in the morning. For the cherry on top, I had to throw up on the way home in the middle of a gas station parking lot.

Can’t wait to see the bill for this.

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