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February 6, 2007

Poopy is getting her “big girl” room set tonight. I’ll probably cry. She’s so not my baby anymore. Heartbreaking. She’s growing up too fast.

After the transition is made to her bed, we can start organizing bebe’s room. I’m tired just thinking about it.

The other day, Poopy was sitting on my lap, watching tee-tee when the bebe kicked. I wasn’t sure if she felt it, apparently she did because she turned around and gave me the dirtiest look – like I had poked her or something! She’s such a handful, but such a joy. She can count to 5, and say A,B,C – apparently she thinks this is the whole alphabet because when she gets to C, she throws her hands in the air and claps. She’s her own biggest fan.

We’re holding off on the potty training. She was showing signs of readiness a few months ago, but in my heart I don’t think she’s ready yet. She has a potty in the bathroom, and she’ll sit on it when I’m on the pot. She can sit in a wet diaper all day though. She does tell me when she poops – but only after. She pooped once on the potty at my moms. Unfortunately, Grandma wasn’t quick enough to wipe and she ran around the house with a turd stuck to her butt. Cute picture, huh?

We’ve gotten in such a routine now, Poopy knows that after lunch, it’s night-night time. She’ll turn the tee-tee (TV) off, grab her blankie and paci and wait patiently by her crib. This routine is going to go right down the shitter once bebe comes.

There was recently a debate on one of my on-line communities about the use of a pacifier after the age of one. The lady (bitch) that got my back up said there was no reason to use one, that it was a “very bad habit”, and that there isn’t a legitimate reason for a child to have one. Excuse me? It’s a source of comfort for my child. Why would I take it away? She’s not 10, in school with her paci. She’s almost 2. Should I take away her blankie and barbie as well? Perhaps stop hugging her, or kissing her goodnight? Give me a break already. I told her in all her awesomeness as a mom, I hoped that she wasn’t teaching her kids to be judgmental (like their mama!).

The tiredness is back. I knew it would come, but I was hoping it would stay away a little longer. I am starting to get uncomfortable at night, while trying to turn over. But, I’m still really enjoying being pregnant (this time). I try not to think about the fact that in three short months, I’m going to have two children. Man on man defense now. I think part of me thinks that we’re trading Poopy in for the bebe. Recycling of sorts. If I think about what a huge change it’s going to be for too long, I’ll have a panic attack, so we’ll leave it for now.

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