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Bye Bye Balloon

December 4, 2006

Let me start this story with a little known fact about me. I am scared of latex balloons. Give me a room of snakes and spiders over a balloon any day. It’s a tough fear with a 20 month old.

The other day, hubby, Poopy and I went to the grocery store. During checkout, Poopy gets very upset when you take things from the cart. She thinks everything is hers. So, I took her out of the cart to walk around. The nice lady at the front of the store decided to give her a balloon.

Deep breath

I can’t deny my child because I’m crazy.

We get the damn balloon. I’m okay, sweating a bit, but no panic attacks.

We get home. Balloon is her very favorite new toy. She is laughing like crazy, running around with her “ball”. Heart warming? I think not. This is like a real life nightmare.

Hubby and I decide to go outside, with Poopy and the balloon.

I bet you can guess the end of this story………………Poopy lets the balloon go. She totally freaked out. Like major meltdown. Meanwhile, I’m wiping my hands on my pants, totally relieved. I told her the balloon had to go bye bye.

So what does my sweet girl do?

Wave bye, bye and blow bye, bye kisses to the sky.

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  1. Tory permalink
    December 28, 2006 3:18 am

    That is so cute!!! Awww, it’s so sweet when they can be so accepting like that.

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