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My Princess?

November 28, 2006

At this age, babies (toddlers) change nearly daily. She says new words, and does new things that stun me all the time. Here are a few:

If you pass gas in any way, shape, or form, she will tell you that you’re nasty. It comes out more like nasseeee. Being pregnant, I’m passing more than my usual amount of gas. I hear that I’m nasseeee all day. A few nights ago, she farted – like she made her Daddy proud kinda fart. I told HER that she was nasty. She stood up, and told me in no uncertain terms, “Mama, I NOT nasty!!”. Oh, sorry!

She loves to stick her hand down the back of her pants now. It’s disgusting. I don’t even want to know what she’s doing.

Her new favorite game is blowing rasberries on Daddy’s belly, then having Daddy blow rasberries on her belly. When Daddy isn’t around, she tries her hardest to blow rasberries on her own tummy. You can imagine how funny she looks, pinching her chubby tummy, trying to drag it up to her mouth.

The Christmas tree went up this year on Thanksgiving Day. Poopy loves it. She calls it “pretty”. Every morning, she throws a fit, screams “PRETTY, PRETTY” until I turn the damn thing on for her.

She randomly pulls my shirt up and says, “hi baby!” to my tummy.

Recently, I was taking a shower and Poopy was hanging out in the bathroom with me. She’s usually pretty good, she’ll “read” a book, or play with a baby. This day, she opened the drawer, took out our KY warming massage oil and rubbed it all over herself. When I got out of the shower, she was still rubbing, saying, “mmmmmmm” over and over. She had it on her feet, her arms, her face, up her nose. She was like a little greased piglet.

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