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I Miss

September 27, 2006

My flat tummy

My semi-perky boobs

Alone time

Lazy Saturday’s curled on the couch with Abel

Peeing alone

Showering alone

Eating a meal in one sitting, without grubby hands


No responsibility

Having money

Hot sex all the time

Going to the movies with Abel

My body

My mind

My identity outside of Mommy

A clean, toy-free house


It seems like when I became a parent, I gave up so much without even realizing it. I was independent, care-free. I was only responsible for me. Honestly, I miss it.

I love my daughter, and missing my old life doesn’t take away from that. There are just days, like today that I’d like to flush her down the toilet.

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  1. AmberP permalink
    September 28, 2006 9:14 pm

    Oh I could flush all three of mine down the toilet for sure. I miss all of those things you mentioned too!! You should check out a blog that I just started —

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