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September 10, 2006

I had a great childhood. One filled with laughter, happiness, and a lot of love. My parents aren’t perfect, but they are perfect for me. They did a damn fine job too!

I’ve always had respect for my parents and I’ve always appreciated them – but now that I’m a parent, I can appreciate them in a whole new way.

I never realized the sacrifices they made for me. The fear, worry, heart, anger, frustration, sweat, tears, confusion and love that goes into it.

They gave me a solid foundation on which to build my life. They taught me morals, love, hope, dreams and they let me fly.

I hurt them, I know I did. I disappointed them. Yet they never stopped believing in me. Never stopped loving me. They never doubted who I had the potential to be.

Now, I’m lucky enough to call them my friends. I can shoot the shit with them, have a few beers with them, talk about love, life, all things great and small. They treat me like an adult, but I’m also still their little girl. There is such comfort in that. In knowing that if the need should arise, they will still be Mommy and Daddy.

The day I graduted high school, my Dad cried. He’s one of those tough Dads that doesn’t cry much. He was so proud of me.

With the foundation they gave me, I only hope I can be half the parents to my children that they were to me. And I hope that I still make them proud.

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  1. Jamie permalink
    September 11, 2006 3:14 pm

    They are amazing, but so are you. Promise.

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