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August 11, 2006

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling so great and Poopy was picking up on that. She only slept about an hour – she was grouchy – sitting on my head and kicking me repeatedly.

I decided to give us both a break and go swimming.

She’s not a child that is scared of the water – she’s just not been crazy about going under. We do the “one, two, three” and dunk her. She always comes up looking so surprised – even if that’s the 100th time we’ve done it that day. I’ve taught her to plug her nose to go under as well. She much prefers plugging my nose though – and pulling me under.

So, yesterday I put her on the steps to play. She had a rubberband that she was happily playing with. I was standing a few feet away from the steps. She saw me, and jumped off the steps to get to me. My heart stopped – literally. Those steps seemed like miles. I got her above water.

No surprised look.

She laughed her ass off. So proud of herself for swimming.

I put her back on the step. She plugged her nose and submerged herself.

I stood back a foot or so and she launched herself at me again.


By the time Abel got home, I swear she almost drown 20 times. All of the sudden, she’s completely fearless in the water.

My life is now shorter several years.

She’s not a mermaid…………..yet. She is in training now.

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  1. Joi permalink
    August 11, 2006 6:48 pm

    Sounds familar. My life is also shorter by several hours. It seems like time is going in slow motion when your child goes under! The good news is that they will probably be the youngest swimmers on the block!!

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