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I Love…………

July 27, 2006

‘Ode to Poopy

I love…………….

That you have no wrists
Your chubby, perfect thighs
Your smile
Your fat, poochy feet
Your big belly laugh
The way you light up when Daddy comes in the room
The noises you make when you’re going to sleep at night
The way you smell
The way your hair curls in the back
Your big blue eyes
Your big rosy cheeks
The way you walk
The way you run
When you put things in the trash can and shut the door
The way you look when you first wake up in the morning
Your personality
Your intelligence
The way you say Mama
The way you say Dada when he unlocks the door
The sound you make when you give kisses
The way you love animals, you kiss them all the time
The way you love your blankie, how you smell it to fall asleep
The way you kick me when I bring you to bed with me
Watching you figure things out
The way you look when you’re asleep
When you come to see me all shiny, wet and naked when you get out of the bath
The way you hug me
Your goodnight kisses
When you say a new word
When you do something right and you get happy and clap
Your fits
When you “talk” on the phone
The way you say “Pooh” and “Elmo”
When you try to put your swim suit on, because you want to swim
The look on your face when we dunk you under water
How you hold your nose in the pool
When you dance
Your innocence
When you try to dress yourself
How you cover your face and think you’re invisible
The way your tounge sticks out and you look around when you’re about to do something wrong
Snuggling with you
Reading to you
The way you back up into me and plop your butt on my lap to watch TV
When you try to use a fork or spoon to eat
When you throw something on the ground, then say “uh oh!”
How excited you get when it’s time to go swimming
How you want to do everything your way
How you say juice
When you play with my make-up
When you mimick me
When you cuddle
When you want “up”
That you love to pretend to cook
That you love coffee
How you say “bad dog” when the dogs bark
How excited you get when you see “balls”
When you beat on the shower door when I’m in the shower and say “Mama up!!”
When you hold my bathrobe up for me when I get out of the shower
That you “help” me put lotion on every morning
That you love to be outside
That you watch Dora and Diego
That you shake your head yes when I ask if you love me
That you told me you love me
How you say “shoe”
How you try to put your shoes on all by yourself
How you try to color your face with crayons
My life now that you’re in it
The way you’ve changed my relationship with Daddy
Being your Mommy

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